"Silk Road-Architecture-City-Light" Second Lighting Forum of Design Institute | Ten years of innovation, driving innovation

2018/08/06 09:38

   June 21 - 22, 2018, "Silk Road - Architecture - City - Light" Second Lighting Forum of Design Institute was held in Xi'an People's Building, Shaanxi Province. The forum follows the Belt and Road, with the light as the medium, the Silk Road as the carrier, to write the Chinese wisdom with the spectrum, and actively promote the Design Institute to pay attention to the lighting design and improve the lighting design level, and play its main force in the lighting engineering design. Changzhou Green lighting, as the co - office unit of the conference, brought the theme report of "Ten years of innovation, driving innovation" by the technical director on the day of the meeting. He shared the technical features of the company's technological innovation in product design and the technical features of the new products.

New opportunities in the new era, I believe that through more exchanges and understanding, to promote win-win cooperation, the lighting era will be more brilliant in the future.